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Four Seasons of Activities

Swimming Enjoy the glorious, clean, refreshing Ottawa River! We have 3 private beaches, swimmable waterfalls, and a swim raft for you to enjoy. Bring goggles and snorkels for additional fun!

Water Activities We have complimentary canoes and kayaks for guests to use.

Games A horse shoe pit, croquet, beach volleyball, soccer, scrabble, chess, cards, Trivial Pursuit, kids' bingo--you name it. We've seen families deck it out in Oiseau Bay Survivor, or try your hand at some old fashioned lumberjack games.

Fishing There is great fishing along this stretch of the Ottawa River. We also keep a boat at a trout-filled lake 2 kilometers back in the mountains.

Active Living Dozens of kilometers of wilderness trails for running, biking, hiking, and bird watching. Hike up Oiseau Rock and refresh yourself with a swim in the spring-fed lake at the top, then enjoy a picnic at the lookout.

Evening Have an evening cast off the dock, enjoy songs around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and looking at the stars, or get out on a full moon to enjoy nature at this most pristine time.

Creative Learning! How about a hidden treasure map for the kids, or planting young trees in areas hit by mini twisters? At Oiseau Bay we'll provide lots of opportunities for little ones to learn in a natural setting.

Winter Activities Snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, back country snowmobiling, ice fishing, ice harvesting, ice skating, hockey, shinny, and cocoa by the woodstove.

Waterfalls! Enjoy a relaxing, rugged "spa day" in our own private waterfalls! Hop in the water, hop back out and lather natures soothing clay all over your skin! Bask in the sunshine while enjoying the benefits of the "body mask". Once the clay hardens .. hop back in and enjoy the falls!

Off-Site Activities Nearby

Oiseau Rock We share a boundary with spectacular Oiseau Rock, a sacred aboriginal heritage site. The rock offers an enjoyable half-day hike for the whole family with opportunities to picnic at scenic lookouts at the top, and to have an unforgettable swim in a spring-fed hilltop lake. You're sure to see the daring acrobatics of endangered peregrine falcons at the top. Historically, Oiseau Rock has pre-historic aboriginal pictographs, and is known as one of the top 5 pictograph sites in the Canadian shield. Paddle, boat, or drive to the trail head, or take our direct trail. Read about one family's experience.

White Water Rafting  We are only a short drive (~1 hour or less) from Canada's White Water Region! Enjoy a day of world-class white water rafting and kayaking at premiere recreational rafting sites such as Wilderness Tours, Owl Rafting, River Run Rafting, and Ésprit Rafting. Have a look!

Fort William A historic Hudson's Bay Trading Post, Fort William is a beach-front attraction about 10 miles down river from us. You can enjoy a beach-front bacon & eggs breakfast special or an afternoon ice cream cone. Stroll through this tiny town for a burst of early Canadian history. Great pub food, fiddle nights, and bands at the tavern in the evenings. Renowned fireworks display on July 1. This is a place for those who like to get a little wild like the Voyageurs used to! Boat there (~14 kilometers) or drive there (~40 minutes).

Chutes Coulonge An aerial zip park for kids and adults. Located in Fort Coulonge, Quebec. There is also a historical park and stunning waterfalls. Located about a 1-hour drive from Oiseau Bay. A great afternoon trip for week-long visitors! Check out their website.

North Fork Enjoy some fine historic dining in Nichabau one evening. Located about a 40-minute drive from Oiseau Bay, North Fork is a stunning historic property high in the hills serving fresh, traditional dinners in a glorious garden setting. Reservations required. (819) 689-2588. 



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