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We're pioneering the "slow tourism" movement one day at a time.

How can you tell if Oiseau Bay is right for you?

When you're on a tropical vacation, do you leave your all-inclusive "cocoon" to do some exploring? Are you okay with not knowing what your 800 Facebook friends are up to for a few days? Do you believe that kids should climb trees once in a while? Well, so do we.

It's important that you get the right "fit" for your vacation destination, so if you're looking for the same old, same old, then we're probably not the place for you. If you want to have a refreshing and unique experience, then we could be the fit you've been looking for!

Our Philosophy

We were "green" long before it was trendy. At Oiseau Bay, we tread lightly. Our cottages are all off-grid, which means that we use energy-saving alternatives to provide all of the conveniences and luxuries you're used to. You'd be surprised by how easyand how comfortableit is to live lightly!

Rule #1 Take only what you need
We use solar energy, traditional refrigeration methods (using ice blocks cut in winter and stored underground throughout the summer), and energy conservation to reduce our carbon footprint. We conserve energy and water where possible to ensure that we maintain a balance that will work into the future.

Rule #2 Give back
10% of the price of your stay will go towards our own carbon offset program to help you ensure that your family's vacation footprint will be minimized. 

Rule #3 Tread lightly
Our 400 acres are 100% pristine. We spend a lot of time and energy making sure that no human traces are left behind. Our guests respect our No Littering policy, and the wildlife appreciates our efforts.

Rule #4 Try to eat what you grow
We keep organic vegetable gardens and fruit trees so that our guests can enjoy the season's bounty. We believe that we can't forget the strong connection between ourselves and our food. We advocate a "weed and feed" policy--so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!




Cam Hilborn
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