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Guest Policy & Booking


We require a 50% deposit upon booking. The deposit is only refundable if you cancel your stay 30 days or more before your arrival date. Deposits can be made via check, Internet money transfer, or PayPal. Please pay the remainder upon arrival.

Before booking, please have a close look at our How To Find Us and our Frequently Asked Questions pages. Also, please ensure that all of your party reads this information as well. We don't want you to have any surprises any more than you do. We want everybody to know what we're about in advance, and then everybody will be happy once they arrive.

Guest Policy

*Leave the cottages as clean as you found them. We work very hard to provide clean, pleasant, and fully equipped cottages for our guests to enjoy. We ask that you leave the cottages as clean as you found them, and please do not mix up the kitchen implements between buildings. Some light-duty all-purpose green cleaning supplies are in every building.

*No glass. When bringing beer, please bring cans only. Please bring tetra packs, boxes, or plastic bottles of wine and plastic container of coolers and pre-mixed drinks. This is common etiquette for Parks and wilderness retreats.

*No littering--cigarette butts included. Kids' candy wrappers can be a headache for weeks after your departure.

*Pets are welcome at a charge of $35/pet per night. It's cheaper than a kennel and more enjoyable for you and your dog.

*Don't feed our dogs. If you'd like to give them a treat, they'd love some cold water and a rub behind the ears. Thank you.

*Be respectful with your garbage and recycling. Be considerate when filling the garbage and recycle bins. We remove all refuse by boat or by car, and cleaning up a messy trunk is no fun. Be aware that plastic cutlery makes holes in the bags so be innovative.

*Watch your kids. Please ensure that all children have properly sized lifejackets if you are planning to allow them near the water. Please do not allow any children near the water unattended.

*Extra charge for day visitors. Day visitors and "overnighters" are welcome, providing that there is enough space. However, there is an extra charge to off-set the additional wear-and-tear on the property, roads, and buildings. Please ask Cam before making arrangements.

*Emergency numbers are your responsibility. Emergency phone numbers and coordinates are posted on all the fridges. Please program these into your cell phones. Please bring your own safety kits and any safety equipment necessary.

*Be conscientious. Please don't waste water, leave lights on, or let the bugs in through open screened doors. Basically, try to live lightly--it's easier than it might seem!

*Fire safety. Ask Cam before lighting any fires. No exceptions.

*Check-in time is any time after 4:00 pm. Check out time is 10:00 am (generally). Please let us know when you expect to arrive. We'll be waiting to check you in. If you are running late, please call so we don't go up the road looking for you. Thanks.



Cam Hilborn
and your on-site host

Postal Address
(office address only)
 P.O. Box 795, Deep River Ontario, Canada
K0J 1P0

Cottage Location
(And yes, we are remote)
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(613) 639-9727  

info @ oiseaubayresort.com


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